Sheila Sings-with-Sky (Talismonger)

  • Date of Birth: 09-07-2021
  • Metatype: Homo sapiens sapiens
  • Sex: female

Sheila grew up in the community of her tribe, which now lies in the Sailish-Shide-Council, and was taught the traditions of her people there. But in the age of 26 her curiosity for the civilized world grew too big and together with her brother Saratou Runs-like-Beast, who now is a shadowrunner known by the name Gironimo, she moved to Seattle. There she opened a talismonger shop in downtown Seattle and thanks to her good connections to the SCC she's always got new wares of good quality. Sheila usually is very friendly and courteous, but she also is a merchant and can't stand it when somebody is critizising her goods or is haggling over the prices too much. Sheila looks like a typical Indian Squaw, likes to wear traditional Indian clothing and has more than a dozen fetishes dangling from her body.


  • "Welcome to Sheila's Wacky Stuff; a shipment of new lizard tails has just arrived."
  • "Man Who-Talks-With-Twisted-Tongue has got no eye for good quality! These frog tongues are worth at least twice as much!"

© 1999 by Daniel "Worm" Benkmann

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