Control (Fixer)

  • Date of Birth: 03-04-2030
  • Metatype: Homo sapiens sapiens
  • Sex: female

Control is, although she's relatively young, a well known fixer with many connections. Rumours, that her quick success has something to do with the yakuza, have been repeatedly denied by her, although a lot of her contacts are japanese with connections to the yaks. Control always wants to have control over all things (big surprise :-) and is a really tough opponent when it comes to negotiation. She is of asian heritage but prefers kaukasian men, of which one is always buzzing around her. When she has had enough of one man, he can usually be found at the bottom of Puget Sound in a strangely twisted posture. Control is a pro and she's also behaving like one - when someone makes a mistake she will use it to her advantage without the slightest scruple. Her infos are good, her prices are fair. Control is very attractive and she knows it (always a dabgerous mixture). She often wears erotic clothes at her meetings, especially at hose with man, to distract her "customers" and to gain an advantage when negotiating. One of her bodyguards is a gigantic and ugly troll, who looks like he could survive a hand to hand combat with a GMC Banshee. Bruno - that's the name of the troll - is willing to do everything for Control. Only Control knows where Bruno is coming from and she is telling everybody a different story about it.


  • "Getting the info is no problem, as long as your stick is allright. Of course I'm thinking of your credstick, sweetheart!"
  • "You have really disappointed me. And who disappoints me, disappoints Bruno too, and you can believe me, Bruno is very unforgiving. He had a hard childhood, you know, that's why they had him put into the "Institute for Extremly Violent Monster-Trolls". But fortunately I've freed him, and you won't believe how grateful Bruno can be, is it not so Bruno?" "Ugh!" (Then the sickening sound of bones crushed by a colossal troll hand)

© 1999 by Daniel "Worm" Benkmann

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