Chrysalid (Elven Decker)

  • Date of Birth: 03-11-2031
  • Metatype: Homo sapiens nobilis
  • Sex: male

Chrysalid is a free-lance decker who is working for different teams of shadowrunners. He is regularly changing his icon but every icon resembles an insect or insect-like creature. Chrysalid is your everyday decker who likes to talk about the newest technology, conspiracy theories or AIs and who is constantly working on his deck. He's got no close relatives and his only girlfriend is his MPCP. Like many deckers he is thinking of himself as priviledged and he considers people on a lower level (i.e. who are no deckers), especially mages, as inferior. His most striking feature (besides the pointy ears) are his both datajacks on his forehead on which he has put tiny antennas that give him an insectoid look. To further support this appearance he often wears glasses that are looking like the eyes of an insect. Aside from that he is looking rather common (and untidy because he has better things to do (decking) than to wash his hair or take a bath).


  • "Man, have you heard of the new Fuchi reassembler overdrive plug 'n' deck ceratech cranial warp plasma supraconducting duranium hyperdissociated ...................? Fucking bombastic, I tell ya!"
  • "Course, I can give you the info, but first I'll have ta tell ya of my last run against Renraku! I tell ya, when I was just sleazing through that slave node, suddenly this big fucking ICE comes at me............."
  • "The government has been knowing of AIs for a long time and I'm going ta prove it! The truth is out there!"
  • "How many mages do ya need ta exchange a light bulb? At least two, because they need to form a ritual team!"
  • "A mage and a decker meet in the streets. Says the decker: "Hey mage, I've just finished my Killjoy 8, wanna see?" Says the mage: "Sorry, I do not smoke.""

© 1999 by Daniel "Worm" Benkmann

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