The ShadowRunner's Ten Commandments

Gathered by Peter Bailey (

  1. Deck thou not over thine home telephone wires, for those who doest will surely bring the wrath of the Chief Special Agent down upon thy head.
  2. Speakest thou not of important matters over thine home telephone wires, for to do so is to risk thine right of freedom.
  3. Use not thine own name when speaking to others, for that every third "other" is an FBI agent is well known.
  4. Let not overly many people know that thy be a runner, as to do so is to use thine own self as a sacrificial lamb.
  5. If thou be in school, strive to get thine self good grades, for the authorities well know that scholars never break the law.
  6. If thou workest, try to be an employee and impressest thine boss with thine enthusiasm, for important employees are often saved by their own bosses.
  7. Storest thou not thine stolen goodes in thine own home, for those who do are surely non-believers in the Lone Star Security Forces, and are not long for this world.
  8. Attractest thou not the attention of others, as the less noticeable thou art, the better.
  9. Makest sure thine friends are instant amnesiacs and willst not remember thou hast called, or from where, for their cooperation with the authorities willst surely lessen thine time for freedom on this earth.
  10. Supportest thy contacts, as they are thy information pipeline, without which, thy work would be far more limited.

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