ShadowRun Roleplayer StereoTypes

The Real Man :
The tough macho type who walks up to the attacking dragon and tells him to leave before he gets hurt.

The Real Roleplayer :
The intelligent cunning guy who tricks the constable into letting you all out of prison.

The Loonie :
The guy who will do anything for a cheap laugh, including casting a fireball at ground zero.

The Munchkin :
Need we say more?


*Real Men* think they're brothers in arms.
*Real Roleplayers* hide behind them.
*Loonies* harass them with stupid suggestions.
*Munchkins* say "I'm a Real Man, too!"

*Real Men* protect them, on the off chance they may come up with something useful.
*Real Roleplayers* sigh with relief to know they're not alone, and then get their characters involved in love affairs and death feuds.
*Loonies* harass them with stupid suggestions.
*Munchkins* say "I'm a Real Roleplayer, too!"

*Real Men* ignore them.
*Real Roleplayers* sometimes harass them back by taking a stupid suggestion and making it work.
*Loonies* declare a pie fight at 20 paces . . . and cheat.
*Munchkins* try to imitate the jokes, and fall flat.

*Real Men* attack them on sight.
*Real Roleplayers* trick them into being cannon fodder.
*Loonies* make reasonable-sounding suggestions that will get the Munchkin killed in an amusing way.
*Munchkins* query, "What's a Munchkin?"


Favorite Archetype:
*Real Men* play Street Samurai.
*Real Roleplayers* play Street Shamans.
*Loonies* play Rockers.
*Munchkins* play Cyberninja.

Favorite Metahuman:
*Real Men* play Orks.
*Real Roleplayers* play Dwarfs.
*Loonies* play Sasquatches.
*Munchkins* play Vampires.

Favorite Job:
*Real Men* like extractions.
*Real Roleplayers* like undercover operations.
*Loonies* like working the counter at Stuffer Shack.
*Munchkins* like political insurrections, but only if they get to run the country afterward.

Favorite Opposition:
*Real Men* like go-gangs.
*Real Roleplayers* like policlubs.
*Loonies* like DocWagon.
*Munchkins* like Aztlan.

Worst-Case Scenario:
*Real Men* hate when their employers screw them over.
*Real Roleplayers* hate when the Real Men blow their cover.
*Loonies* hate when the other players won't help them out of their self-inflicted predicament.
*Munchkins* hate when the opposition puts up a fight.

Approach to the Run:
*Real Men* scout out the territory, make a stealthy beeline to the objective, blast their way out and speed away from the scene.
*Real Roleplayers* get in under disguise, jigger the security systems and slip out in a delivery van.
*Loonies* go up to the front desk and announce, "Candygram!"
*Munchkins* blow away the guards, get what they came for, blow away the cops and go home.

How They Dress:
*Real Men* wear Armor Jackets over their street clothes.
*Real Roleplayers* wear corporate suits, tribal garb and neohippie outfits over their Form-Fitting Body Armor.
*Loonies* wear Lined Coats over nothing at all.
*Munchkins* wear Full Heavy Armor and Gyro-mount harnesses for a stroll down Main Street.

Favorite Social Skill:
*Real Men* like Interrogate.
*Real Roleplayers* like Negotiate.
*Loonies* like Etiquette (Zoo Animal).
*Munchkins* don't waste points on Social Skills.

Favorite Contact:
*Real Men* like their Armorer.
*Real Roleplayers* like their Bartender.
*Loonies* like their Rotary Club Habitue.
*Munchkins* like the High Prince of Tir Tairngire.

Favorite Weapons:
*Real Men* like katanas, Ares Predators and Ingram Smartguns.
*Real Roleplayers* like shuriken, Narcoject guns and sniper rifles.
*Loonies* like Tiffani Self-Defenders on Gyro-mounts and Ares Squirts filled with disappearing ink.
*Munchkins* like Dikote monofilament whips, assault cannons with APDS ammo and recoilless Vindicator miniguns.

Favorite Cyberware:
*Real Men* like Smartgun Links.
*Real Roleplayers* like Voice Modulators.
*Loonies* like the Sears Handi-Craftsman cyberarm power tool assortment.
*Munchkins* like it all, preferably beta-grade.

Favorite Vehicle:
*Real Men* like Harley Scorpions.
*Real Roleplayers* like Ford Americars, heavily customized.
*Loonies* like Winnebagos.
*Munchkins* prefer GMC Banshees, but a Citymaster will do in a pinch.

Favorite Spell:
*Real Men* like Mana Bolt.
*Real Roleplayers* like Mask.
*Loonies* like Mana Tickle and Ram vs. Bowling Pins.
*Munchkins* like Turn to Goo, even though it was taken out of the 2nd Edition.

Favorite Totem:
*Real Men* like Wolf.
*Real Roleplayers* like Raccoon.
*Loonies* like Roadrunner.
*Munchkins* like Owl.

Favorite Thing About 2nd Edition:
*Real Men* like the new combat rules.
*Real Roleplayers* like the new Metahuman allergy rules.
*Loonies* like the new Laubenstein color illustration with all the weirdos piled into a truck.
*Munchkins* like the new loopholes.

Biggest Problem with 2nd Edition:
*Real Men* don't like that Karma autosuccesses are gone.
*Real Roleplayers* don't like that the list of 2050s slang is gone.
*Loonies* don't like that the "Food Fight" scenario is gone.
*Munchkins* don't like that the Turn to Goo spell is gone.

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