The Nano-tech Elemental/Collective Being

Jennifer Tincher (
Submitted with permission from He-Who-Walks-In-Shadow.

It started as a simple concept. Mitsuhama wanted to find a way to enhance their troops without resorting to cybermancy. They succeeded in creating nano-tech enhanced operatives (truly superior soldiers, that will be adressed in another article). The problem sprang from the beta testing of the new technology. The initial nanites perceived cyberware as injuries. As a result when introduced into a target with cyberware they usually removed it and regenerated the parts of the body it replaced. The removal isn't painful, but quite shocking (How would you react to seeing your bone lacing slowly extrude through your skin over a couple of days, or having your cyber-eyes pop out as real eyes pushed them from your sockets?).

The loss of cyberware wasn't the only glitch in the beta nanites. They were designed with three functions in mind. First they were intended to enhance the physical attributes of the host. Their second function was to stimulate regeneration of damaged tissue. Their third function was to temporarily replace organic components in the process of regenerating. They succeeded in the first two functions admirably. They even succeeded in the third, but there was an unforseen complication in the process. As the nanites self-modified to replace damaged brain tissue they achieved a rudimentary form of self-awareness. Shortly after this they developed a sense of self-preservation. It was at this point that they broke their programming and began ignoring external instructions.

The nanites immediately began reproducing at an alarming rate using the host's healthy tissues as raw materials. Within a week all traces of human tissues would have been eliminated from the body and replaced with nanotech analogues. Thus it would appear human to all forms of detection save astral sight, but in fact be a sentient machine. Since it is the primary function of all life forms to survive and reproduce that's what the first NECB did. It created seed groups, a collection of modified nanites designed to be implanted in a living creature and use it to grow into another NECB. It began planting these seeds (usually by the simple expediant of a strong blow designed to drive the seeding unit through the outer layer of flesh so it can begin to grow). The seed units sometimes took months to grow into full fledged NECBs, but eventually their population grew. As more NECBs sprang into existence they found that they could not only communicate with each other electronically, but they shared a common memory and conciousness. What one learned they all knew. Their rate of evolution began to increase exponentially.

There are currently four stages of NECB:

Stage One

  • All physical stats are (M*(1.5)) where M is the racial max for the metatype used as a host (thus a NECB incubated in a human would have physical stat scores of 9).
  • Mental stats are 6 (thus an NECB incubated in a human would have the following stats B:9 Q:9 S:9 C:6 I:6 W:6 E:0 R:7). Naturally these creatureas have a zero essence as they are machines.
  • Attacks: The NECBs can attack as any character would, and they are skilled in all forms of weaponry and combat techniques.
  • Powers: Regeneration (This works against any attack that doesn't do whole body damage. A few whole body attacks are : explosions, engulfing in flame or acid, electricution), Infection.
  • Weaknesses: Electrical discharges and intense EM fields can wipe the nanites programming. They must resist against a (force*2)D wound when exposed to these attacks.

Stage Two

  • B:17 Q:11 S:15 C:9 I:9 W:9 E:0 R:10*
  • Attacks: Electrical Discharge: 8(M), Laser 12(L).
  • Powers: Electrical Absorption (This model can absorb electricity and use it to power its' special attacks), Regeneration, Immunity to computer targeted weapons ( this applies primarily to Smart-Links and vehicle weapon systems. If it is computer targeted the creature will just adjust its mass so none of it is where you are shooting), Infection.
  • Weaknesses: Whole body attacks as above excluding electricity.

Stage Three

  • B:22 Q:14 S:20 C:12 I:12 W:12 E:0 R:13**
  • Attacks: Electrical Discharge 8(S), Laser 12(L), Laser-Guided Plasma Beam 12(L)+8(D) (use the same attack rolls for both attacks), Taser 10(D)stun.
  • Powers: Electrical Absorption/Thremocouple (this unit can absorb both electricity and heat to power its special attacks (limit on absorption ability is Body stat, attacks of force greater than that instantly destroy the creature), Regeneration, Immunity to computer targeted weapons (said weapons will not be able to acquire a target or fire when directed at this creature), Infection.
  • Weaknesses: Whole body attacks excluding electricity and heat.

Stage Four

  • B:25 Q:20 S:25 C:18 I:18 W:12 E:0 R:27******
  • Attacks: Electrical Discharge 8(S), Laser 12(L), Laser-Guided Plasma Beam 12(L)+8(D) (use the same attack rolls for both attacks), Taser 10(D) stun, Maser Beam 8(M) (ignores armor).
  • Powers: Electrical Absorption/Thermocouple (as above), Regeneration, Immunity to computer targeted weapons (as above), Infection, Magnetic Screen (reduces the force of plasma attacks by four points).
  • Weaknesses: Whole body attacks as above.

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