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From Snazzy Magazine (Neo-Anarchists Guide (TRL!)), Circa 2054.

Dr. Hamilton also let us in on other things that AnthroCo. is doing to improve society. "Using the exotica technique, we can alter what metahumanity looks like to an extent, she says. It has lessened the impact of goblinization on several of our clientele and their siblings."

>>>>>[Don't believe the hype. A troll is a troll, and the best troll is a dead one.]<<<<<
- Straiff (13:43:59/3-23-54)

>>>>>[Bite me.]<<<<<
- Grinder (17:22:38/3-23-54)

"The whole surgery is not unlike our biosculpting technique." He went on to say. "And, as with the exotica lines, the patient is in and out within a week."

>>>>>103 Mp deleted<<<<<

>>>>>[Should I ask?]<<<<<
- Jander (03:42:10/3-10-54)

>>>>>[No, but since you did, I deleted what wasn't necessary, because I left the real research to the boys who know the ropes, and the files, of Aztech. Oh boys? Play dat fuhnky moozic!]<<<<< - Tyger (Any Time/Any Where)

>>>>>[Thank you, Tyger. And greetings once again. We hope to clear the air. So, on with tonight's entertainment!]<<<<<

So, what can they do? Well, the answer depends on who and what you are. Let's start with a good percentage of the population, Humans. Now, they can easily make you look like a dwarf, elf, or ork. This is done with some frame alteration from the last installment.

So what is a frame alteration, you ask. Well, it can increase or decrease a persons height and/or mass by about %25. This means if, for example, you're a human and you'd rather be an ork, you'd get a frame alteration, add some mass on, and you'd look like a humanish-ork.

Not to say that those surgeons aren't miracle workers. I've seen pics of some nice lookin jobs. But, it just ain't the real thing! It shows too.

Below is what can and cannot be done. But the impossible is just around the corner, neh?

	From Human To:  
	Dwarf:          Must be a short human
	Elf :           BOD no higher than 5
	                STR no higher than 5
	Ork :           BOD no lower than 4
	                STR no less than 3
	                QUICKNESS max of 5
	From Dwarf To:
	Human:  BOD max of 6
	From Elf To:
	Human:  QUICKNESS max of 5
	                BOD no less than 4
	Ork :           BOD no less than 6 
	                STR no less than 5
	From Ork  To:
	Human :         BOD no higher than 6 
	                STR no higher than 7
	Troll :                 BOD no less than 5 
	                STR no less than 5
	                QUICKNESS max of 5
	Elf :           BOD no more than 3
	                STR no more than 4
	                QUICKNESS at least 4
	From Troll  To:
	Human:  BOD no more than 2 
	                STR no more than 3
	                QUICKNESS at least 4
	Ork :           BOD no more than 3 
	                STR no more than 5 
	                QUICKNESS at least 3

>>>>>[This is before racial modifiers!]<<<<<
- Tyger (Any Time/Any Where)

>>>>>[Mind you, if you get this done to you, you can lose not only your body index, but your body as well. Trolls tend to lose the toughened hide when they become another race. But elves hold onto their eyes (unless, natch, they're cybered.)
And, hey mage-boys! Wanna see something wiz? Find a troll who now looks human, and get a load of what they look like astraly! WOW! Ever seen a more confused image? Neither did our rezi mage, he's still confused.
Remember, it's your life! Do what you like.]<<<<<
- da goon skwad (09:23:11/3-10-54)

>>>>>[So there you have it, the tawdry details. Trust me, it's easier to tell it this way then to spend 103 on drivel.]<<<<<
- Tyger (Any Time/Any Where)

Next bit, about if you can 'sculpt someone into another persona. If a player wants to do this, remind them it's a semi-permanent procedure. Once they commit, it's hard to turn back.

If they REALLY WANT IT, let them have it. A good street doc can get the materials. It has a base availability of about 10, with the normal modifiers. Street index is 2.0 and up. Find a trustworthy one, chummers.

The next step is the surgery. Once they go under the scalpel, roll an unresisted test using the surgeons skill. The target number is directly related to the difficulty number to detect the 'sculpt.


Bob the samurai wants to look like the head man at Renraku Arcology. He goes to a really good street doc (Biotech skill of 8). He wants to be virtually perfect in appearance, so the GM decides this counts as a 15. The doc (who is smart...) asks for payment up front.

The doc goes to work. He rolls his Biotech skill with a target of 15. The doc rolls (total) 2,5,7,9,13,15,16,22. With a grand total of three successes. Bob the samurai now looks like 'the man'.

Anybody else who sees him must roll perception. Target of 15. If the viewer can get 3 or more successes, they notice the small flaws that give it away, like the fact that Mr. Renraku Arcology has a cleft chin, and this guy doesn't. If they don't he can pass for the real McCoy (Or whatever...)

The difficulty also multiplies the cost exponentially. A good street doc (or "sculptors" as they call themselves) can start the cost at a base of 8,000 to 10,000 Nuyen. Multiply the cost of the 'sculpt by the ultimate difficulty. Let them haggle from there.

Pricey, no?

Keep in mind this is also going to ultimately try and fool electronic gadgets, guards, and so on. Magical security, however, remains totally unaffected by this charade. As such, the mages don't get any penalty to notice something is wrong.

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