• prototype 29th Aug 1993 Aaron Wigley & The Wyrm Ouroboros
  • Copyright 1993 Aaron Wigley & The Wyrm Ouroboros, permission is given to copy for your personal use


Entropy is persistent, ever demanding, taking energy away from the World - both Mundane and Awakened. Nothing is untouched, everything eventually yields to Entropy. People die. Nations crumble. Mountains are worn away. Stars extinguish. It takes everything, but does not give any concession. It is not a destroyer however, it does not revel in destruction, but rather feeds on it's effects. Change also feeds it, for in any change, something is lost to Entropy.

Favored Environment:

Anywhere that destruction or change of a stable system is or has occured, and has created a negative background count. Space.


  • +2 dice on major entropic spells (eg Serious/Deadly combat spells, S/D damaging manipulations, reduce attribute spells, essence drain, ..)
  • +2 dice summoning ghosts/void spirits


Entropy shamen have a great reluctance to create, to be a positive force in society. When doing any action that results in a fresh creation (such as the design of a spell, or even a simple enchanting) a Willpower(4) test is needed each day for it to continue.

>>>>>[Void Spirits? What the frag are they?]<<<<<
- Concerned Hermetic

>>>>>[Let's see: Void Spirits, capable of Search, Manifestation, Concealment, Confusion, Engulf, and Alienation. Opaque to all forms of energy.]<<<<<
- Lady Phoenix

>>>>>[What's your source, Lady. ?]<<<<<
- Concerned Hermetic

>>>>>[You seriously don't want to know.]<<<<<
- Lady Phoenix

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