CAM Weapon

Just before the start of the invasion of Quebec, ClearBright Inc. discovered a feasible way to contain antimatter. With the onset of the war, Michael Grey, ClearBright's CEO, decided to outfit his personal guards with a new technological weapon. The Capsulated AntiMatter weapon is one weapon that should be feared by all. The actual weapon has been designed to replace the human arm and is fired from an 'appendage' that resembles an up scaled Predator II. Only ClearBright's elite guard are graced with the chance to wield these awesome weapons though since the implementation was premature and hastened by the onset of the war there are some complications with the current design. The containment portion of the weapon has been know to breech which results in an antimatter spillage. Once this breech occurs death of the carrier of the CAM is emminent. Though the company believes this to be a viable trade off because there seems to be no protection from this devistating weapon.

The weapon is split into two components: one that replaces the arm, though the new appendage still resembles and can pass as a human arm, though there are two slots in the palm, one is a smart link jack and the other is the passage way of the antimatter capsule. The other main component is the gun which is linked directly into the CAM arm. Without both components the weapon is essintially useless. Since the capsule of the CAM is virtually weightless it is propelled using ultrahigh sound waves, which results is a soundless firing weapon.

Every time the weapon is fired the player rolls 3D and if the resulting roll comes up as three ones then there is a containment breech. The magnatude of the resulting spillage will depend on the amount of antimatter left in the containment unit, though any spillage will kill the carrier though the magnitude should be calculated to see how much of the space around the carrier is anhiliated. The 'clip' of the CAM is actually a two part container of antimatter, and liquid plastic that is placed inside of the carriers arm, this is a some what delicate process and most likely cannot take place during a high tension situation without some complication. Each container is able to make 37 capsules. The other stats of the weapon are as follows:

Capsulated Antimatter Weapon
Conceal Mode Ammo Damage Weight Cost
CAM 4 SS/SA 37 (c) 14 D 4.5 Special

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